Friday, March 13, 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge

Day One: Food
 Day Two: Smile
Day Three: Happiness
Day Four: Leaves
 Day Five: Morning Sky
Day Six: Books
Day Seven: Something Funny
Day Eight: Favorite Color
Day Nine: Inspiring Person
Day Ten: Nature
Day Eleven: Something Old
Day Twelve: Hair
Day Thirteen: Written Words
Day Fourteen: Movement
Day Fifteen: Leading Lines
Day Sixteen: Symmetry and Patterns
Day Seventeen: Framing
Day Eighteen: Depth of Field
Day Nineteen: Rule of Thirds
Day Twenty: Best Friend
Day Twenty One: Where You Sleep
Day Twenty Two: In Your Closet
Day Twenty Three: Gratitude
Day Twenty Four: Something New
Day Twenty Five: Animal
Day Twenty Six: Worm's Eye View of Trees
Day Twenty Seven: Artwork
Day Twenty Eight: Daily Routine
Day Twenty Nine: Nighttime
Day Thirty: Light

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