Thursday, February 19, 2015

Black And White Landscape

I chose the ocean and a balcony to color for the black and white landscape assignment. I used a low opacity and colored it in.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Surrealist Landscape

For this assignment, I chose random things to put in the sky.  Then, I used the eraser with a low opacity.

World Traveler Picture

For this assignment I chose the Underground River. Then, I put myself in the picture and pretended I was drowning.

Hybrid Creature

For this assignment I chose five animals.  I chose a lion, husky, zebra, cheetah, and a giraffe.

Colorize an Ansel Adams Image

I used an Ansel Adams picture and colorized the picture with a very low opacity. 

Decorate an Empty Room

I added furniture and things that will usually be in a living room.  I changed the perspective of the images.


I used the old Miley Cyrus and the new Miley Cyrus for this assignment. Then, I added lips to make it look more interesting.

Surrealist Fruit/Vegetables

I used a variety of fruits for this assignment. The only vegetable I used for this is cilantro.